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Agape Grinnell March 2017 by Heartland Marimba Quartet - Sabrina Pena ...

Heartland Marimba Quartet Performs AGAPE   MPUC March 2017 by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young.

HMQ provides a dynamic public image for the HMF organization by focusing on high caliber performances of contemporary works by American composers. It is a year-round performing group made up of accomplished marimba specialists. Its regular engagements include a tour in the fall semester, a tour in the spring semester, and a residency during the HMF Academy. The ensemble, with the diverse and broad experience of its performers, serves as the primary artist teachers/mentors to the students of the annual HMF Academy.

Sabrina Pena Young


Enjoy this Video? Then check out Composer Boot Camp 101: 50 Exercises for Educators, Students and Music Professionals

 Composer Boot Camp is a series of 50 exercises for educators and beginning, intermediate, and advan…

Music Business Tips For Independent Music Artists

2014 International Music Conference in Atlanta was packed with a load of music business tips about the the music industry, how to make it in the music business and the independent music artist. 

The panelist were the perfect artists guide throughout The International Music Conference.

Music Business Tip of The Week #3

Dani Thompson & DNT Entertainment's Music Business Tip of The Week #3

What is a Music Manager? Music Business 101 on Youtube

Most artists are too busy writing songs and studying sounds to worry about writing checks and paying for services, those are the kind of things a business manager takes care of. On this episode of REN101, Renman talks about what the job of a Business Manager entails.

Getting Started in the Music Business with Marc Geiger

Marc Geiger is one of the main power brokers in the Music Business. He runs Worldwide Music at WME and books all sorts of monster tours, and he is #9 on Billboard's Top 100 Players of the Music Industry. So, how did Marc get started in the business and end up as one of the most successful players? Marc walked the tried-and-true path of going to college and jumping onto the concert committee, booking shows. Marc talks how that led him to starting his own company from within college, being a late-night DJ for a radio station, and ultimately closing down his own operation to work for the bigger Avalon Attractions. With plenty experience early on working in the Concert Business, it's no shock that Marc eventually grew into being one of the most powerful Agents in the Biz today!


You are interested in getting started in the music industry and I can't think of a more exciting profession. This has been my profession since 1983 and this has been quite a ride and grateful for what I have experienced all these years.

I getting started in the music industry, there are no shortcuts. The time that it takes to build your brand, have people interested in your product, and willing to accept potential leans years in getting to your ultimate destination....finally making it!

While there are those asking about getting started in the music industry, there are those that walk away, because the early years and, even some of the middle years are tough times financially. They sometimes walk away. This is sad...

I have a solution for those who are struggling to financially while trying to make there mark in music.

Booking a Music Tour : Tips on Music Agents

Music agents are a necessity for any serious band that wants to get ahead in this business. Learn tips on what an agent does and how to get one from a professional performing and touring musician in this free video.

How to Make a Press Kit: Band Management Tips : Online Press Kits & Webs...

How to Make a Press Kit: Band Management Tips : Online Press Kits & Websites: Band Management

Looking for Electronica, Classical, Film, or Experimental for NMR Artist Spotlight Series

NEW MUSIC RESOURCE is Looking for new albums/artists/singles from emerging artists in electronica, classical music, film music, or experimental music for this year's Artist Spotlight Series on New Music Resource and its affiliated social media. Selected albums/songs/artists are cutting edge, interesting, and have a story to tell. Interested parties are encouraged to answer the three questions below. 

Submit Your Song to the New Music Resource

Include links to headshots, website, album downloads, etc. for inclusion. High Quality Music Videos on Youtube are a big plus! 

Be sure that you fit in the electronica, classical, or experimental genres and present HIGH QUALITY music and an interesting story to share. Plans are to showcase at least 10 artists over the next year. 

I look forward to hearing your music and sharing your story with the world. 



1. Details count

2. Its about the music

3. Play what you 

4. Try to enjoy free

5. Use samples 

6. Be stubborn

7. Take a challenge

8. Use different 

9. Give support to 
new artists

10. Work hard

10 Music Production Mistakes To Avoid

10 Music Production Mistakes To Avoid

Top 10 BEST music production Tips & Tricks EVER!! Tutorial.

Top 10 BEST music production Tips & Tricks EVER!! Tutorial.

5 Tips On How To Promote Your Music

5 Tips On How To Promote Your Music

Top 10 Best Mixing Music Tips - Achieve a Better mix

Top 10 Best Mixing Music Tips - Achieve a Better mix

5 Tips For Making BETTER Music Videos

5 Tips For Making BETTER Music Videos

5 Best Music Marketing Ideas for Indie Musicians

Published on Oct 16, 2014 Learn How to Earn Commissions While Marketing Your Music
5 Best Music Marketing Ideas for Indie Musicians
1. Building Buzz Around Events
This is something I used to do a lot is try to build a buzz whenever I played out. One thing I learned really fast is that you can even turn a week of gigs into a tour. When I would call entertainment papers in towns, I would always tell them I was “coming through their city to perform”. Many times I would mention the next city I was hitting. They don’t really care where I’m playing next, but what I was doing was creating momentum and getting them to be open to... Read more here:

Building Successful Marketing Campaigns in the Digital Era - Midem 2016

Whether you are an independent artist, an emerging label or a major record company, building and growing a successful digital marketing strategy is key to ensuring you stand out from the crowd. From one-shot campaigns to continuous promotion through social media, be inspired by the experience of your peers and learn how best practices can shape your digital marketing strategy.

• Joakim Johansson, General Manager & Marketing Director, Universal Music Group (Sweden)
• Claire Mas, Head of Digital, Communion Music (UK)
• Nikoo Sadr, Digital Training & Campaigns Manager, Music Ally (UK)