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MNEO Experimental Sci-Fi Film - Music By Seth Keith - Film by Sabrina Pe...

A sci-fi experimental film. Music Composed by Seth Keith, Video by Sabrina Pena Young.

Ralph Murphy Lecture - How to be Successful at Songwriting

Ralph Murphy talks to Loyola University Students about what it takes to write a successful song.

Songwriting Tips | How To Write A Song

In this video, our no. 1 hit selling songwriting instructor Alex Von Soos gives us a little taster of what you can expect while learning how to write a song on our Hit Songwriting course, jam packed full of songwriting tips from a top songwriter with record sales in the millions.

Derek Sivers - How To Succeed On CD Baby

Uploaded on Jan 21, 2009
Derek Sivers & Ariel Hyatt talk about how to succeed and Sell your music on CD baby and the 90/10 rule.
This is the fifth of 16 installments featuring Derek Sivers. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you do not miss a single episode!

Music Marketing Secrets: How to Use Twitter, Youtube, Social Media - S P...

Music Marketing 101 explains easy ways for musicians to use social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and more to create a strong web presence and market their music. Created by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. If you enjoyed this video, please rate and SUBSCRIBE!

Sabrina Pena Young

Award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young's works have been performed throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas in venues like the Beijing Conservatory, the Holland Animation Film Festival, the NY Independent Film Festival, Miramax's Project Greenlight, Art Basil Miami, and countless festivals worldwide. Last year Young gave an inspiring TED Talk on Online Collaboration and the Arts at TEDxBuffalo about her "groundbreaking" and "EPIC" sci-fi film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, created entirely online using machinima.

Libertaria the Virtual Opera:

Young recently released A Futurist…

Sacred Choral Classical Music "Light" from Creation Oratorio - Sabrina P...

"Light" sacred classical music from prize-winning Creation Oratorio from Composer Sabrina Pena Young. Performed by the Millikin University Women's Choir and the Millikin Percussion Percussion ensembles, directors Michael Engelhardt and Brian Justison. Commissioned by Millikin.

A complex multilingual intertwining of Afro-Cuban music and traditional choral music, the intermedia oratorio Creation celebrates diversity and the beauty of procreation. A celebration of culture, life, humanity, and the female body, Creation further marks itself as a musical milestone, commissioned specifically for a 60 member woman's chorus and composed by a young female composer of Cuban-Dominican heritage.

Premier performance by the Millikin State University Women's Chorale directed by Michael Engelhardt and accompanied by the Millikin University Percussion Ensemble, directed by Brian Justison. Creation won the "New Genre Prize" for the IAWM Search for New Music in 2011.


Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site, Filmmaker, Speaker, Writer: Top 5 Tips for Classical Composers

Contemporary Classical Composer Sabrina Pena Young Official Music Site, Filmmaker, Speaker, Writer: Top 5 Tips for Classical Composers: Top 5 Tips for Classical Composers 1. Write  Every Day This may seem obvious, but to get better, you need to write. I know too many fol...