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UK Composer Lee Scott Chats about Tod Machover and New Web Opera The Village

On May 1, 2015 UK Composer Lee Scott's innovative web opera The Village will break boundariesBe a Part of the The Village!
An Interview with Lee Scott

1. Three words to describe your music:
Collaborative, reflective, voice-driven 
2. Who are your influences?
I'm a guitarist first and foremost, so i'd name such figures as Chet Atkins, Frank Zappa, Brian May, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt as influences. Jazz song convention and harmony certainly seems to find its way into my work one way or another, as can be heard in the many of the vocal lines in The Village. In terms of composers, I'm been drawn to music with an emotional underpinning, so works by Debussy, Puccini, but i'm also interested in dadaism and indeterminacy in a musical context so i'd include Satie, Stockhausen, Pousseur as loose inspirations. My everyday listening features Radiohead, Carpark North (Danish electrorock) and Mars Volta

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"Revolution Devolution" Jazz Blues Animation - MACHINIMA - Sabrina Pena ...

Liane Curtis: "Rebecca Clarke’s Early Pieces for Two Violins and Piano"

Liane Curtis presents Rebecca Clarke’s Early Pieces for Two Violins and Piano and Our Expanding Understanding of Her Music 1.  Prelude (Lento)
2.  Nocturne (Adagio)
3.  Danse Bizarre (Vivace)
Laura Bossert and Gabriela Diaz, violinsEliko Akahori, piano While Rebecca Clarke’s Viola Sonata (1919) has taken its place as a canonic work, the full range of her music remains to be explored.  Several early works were discovered in her estate in 2000, including three pieces for two violins and piano: Prelude, Danse Bizarre and Nocturne.  Although these pieces were premiered and recorded in 2003, their publication took place only in 2012, so the process of understanding their place in her creative output is just beginning. Written in late 1908 or 1909, while Clarke was studying composition at the Royal College of Music (London), they give no trace of being student works, and instead demonstrate a fully developed, evocative compositional voice.  The Danse Bizarre is mentioned in Clarke’s unpublished mem…

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Circuit Bridges @ Buffalo State Electroacoustic Concert this Wed

Circuit Bridges @ Buffalo State
WhenWed, April 8, 7pm – 10pm WhereBuffalo State, Buffalo, NY, USA (map) DescriptionCircuit Bridges and Buffalo State University are collaborating to present music by composers from New York (both upstate and down). J. Tomás Henriques, composer and researcher developing new electronic instruments, and Sabrina Pena Young, experimental composer and curator, are working together to create a program centered around Buffalo, New York, that will complement Circuit Bridges' New York City area composers. This concert will feature a performance by Digital Music Ensemble (DME), a performing group that uniquely explores technology and creativity. It provides students with the opportunity to play state-of-the art electronic music instruments and use common off-the-shelf tech tools, such as smart-phones, iPads and game controllers, as meaningful input devices to be used musically. The repertoire of the ensemble is wide in its scope covering a variety of styles and …