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Classical Music Radio Broadcast Request Promotes Women Composers - Composer Amy Beach

Classical Music Radio Broadcast Request Promotes Women Composers - Composer Amy BeachThe International Alliance for Women in Music and other musical advocacy groups encourage classical music lovers to request the music of notable women in music. Each month different composers are chosen. 
More information below: 
To participate in promoting the broadcast of women's compositions, please telephone or e-mail local and/or Internet radio stations during Aug. 5-11, 2018, requesting that they play music composed by AMY BEACH.

As usual, the selection, which is different every week, has been made by Ursula Rempel. The selections, she explains, "are based on a combination of factors: availability of CDs, geography/nationality, accessibility/appeal of the music for general audiences, and a concern to feature both historical and contemporary women composers." 

Feel free to copy and modify this to suit yourselves: 

Ladies and Gentlemen: 

Would you please play music composed by AMY BEACH? B…

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