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Arsen Petrosyan - Solo Duduk Concert in Yerevan 2016


12 Artist Hacks (You Might Not Know)

These are some things I've picked up over the years i've been painting, you might know some of them and you might not. :) 

1. How to preserve and dry your brushes (upside down)

2. Mechanical pencils over regular pencils

3. Jar for brushes

4. Left handed sketching with spiral bound books

5. How to clean dried paint from brushes and carpet

6. Best paint for beginners and hobbyists

7. Visualize shapes for perspective

8. DIY palette (aka an egg carton)

9. What to do with unused paint

10. Smaller canvases

11. Change your lightbulbs

12. How to get insanely cheap canvases


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50 Shades of Trump: Thoughts on the Presidential Inauguration

50 Shades of Trump: Thoughts on the Presidential Inauguration It's as if the zeitgeist had prepared America for the harrowing debacle that was the 2016 election by it's glorification of sadist narcissistic white billionaires in the 50 Shades of Greyphenomenon. In a single year, America gave up her dignity and self-respect in an obsession with a petulant playboy and predator that was the media's darling until, surprise, the billion dollars in free advertising pushed him to the top of an overflowing field of wanna-be-POTUSRepublican candidates and the Democratic National Convention's sweetheart Hillary Clinton (Sorry, Bernie Fans, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn't care less about you).

And so we are here....
Inaugurating a man that demonstrates the tact of a thirteen-year-old girl, whose followers worship him and his anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-disabled, anti-veteran, and anti-common-sense rhetoric because somehow in this love affair with egoistic dang…

I Didn't Get Into Film School...

Filmmaking on a budget [The Ultimate Guide]

We'll go through the whole process of budget filmmaking by making a short film for less than $1000! 

Music Vine is sponsoring the video by giving us/you 10% off the first licence!

For the short film we are making in this video, we are using the Canon 700D/rebel t5i with the 18-55mm kit lens, the rode videomic Pro, a broom and a reflector!

Okay, so this is going to be exciting, and I know a lot of you have been waiting for this video. If you are the type of person who wants to see the short film first, click the following timecode or go to timecode: 30:56

Here is the camera and lens we used, including a free SD card and camerabag:

And here is a video creator kit which includes a microphone:

There are many aspects of a film production and we'll go through some of those we think is important (click the preferred timecode):
1:43 - Finding the idea and writing
4:04 - Research. Fin…