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Classical Music In The Park
Classical music can be found throughout popular mass media

You can also check out this amazing list of movies and the classical works from Naxos (classical music distributor).

Classical works are chosen for movies, commercials, and the web for a variety of reasons:

  • Public domain works are cheaper than hiring a film composer (Public domain means that there is no copyright holder for the music.)
  • Some classical works are familiar and evoke specific emotions in the audience
  • A film director falls in love with a temp track that has classical music 
  • A classical work helps set up a historical time period (ex. Victorian England)
(A temp track in film is a temporary musical score that essentially is a mishmash of what the director wants for a film. The temp track is sent to the film composer to give the composer some ideas about what the director wants. Sometimes the director likes the temp track more than the music. This is called "Temp Love".)

MORE GREAT ARTICLES AND RESOURCES ON THE MEDIA Keep your ears open for classical music that you might hear on the radio, television, online, in elevators, at the mall, or at restaurants. Classical music is everywhere. 

View the examples below:


Classical music in television

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