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The Pendulum Swings: Classical Music Today

The Pendulum Swings: Classical Music TodayIn classical music of today and definitely in pop music, the pendulum has definitely begun to swing back towards normalcy. I would venture to say that the beginning of the 20th century until the 1970s saw the most experimental music. Since then, most of the experimentation has been made in technology, not strict acoustic classical composition. Movements like aleatoric music and even minimalism are already decades, if not half a century old, while newer movements like postminimalism (composer John Adams, for one) and neoromanticism (composer Jennifer Higdon) have reverted back to more traditional uses of new composition techniques.

Popular music, for all its insanity in personality, really has done little in the way of musicality. That is not to say that there are not any talented musicians in pop music, because there are many, but that American popular music seems to be in a creative rut. The dying music industry is attempting to choke creativ…