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Independent Musicians Flock to Bandcamp

Indie Music Marketing: Musicians Flock to Bandcamp offers indie musicians an affordable and customizable alternative to traditional third party retailers like iTunes and CD With a price tag that hovers around zero for uploaded albums, music merch links, and more, gives musicians more control over their music. Why do indie musicians love Bandcamp is free!

Free and Fun to Use, Bandcamp.Com Offers Indie Musicians a Chance at Stardom on the Cheap When you are scrounging around for a few bucks to replace your busted guitar pick or are splitting last night's gig payout between five guys, free sounds great. And is free. For the price of a breath of air you can upload albums, singles, bonus files, and merchandise links. Upload bonus tracks, sheet music, and images with your album. Your fans will enjoy listening to your music and checking out the extra surprise bonuses. As a composer and indie musician myse…

Please Pirate My Music: A Letter to Music Piracy Experts, with Love

Musician Encourages Music Piracy of Her Opera
Dear Music Pirate,

Hello, starving artist here. I just finished this great sci-fi comic book animated Libertaria: The Virtual Opera.

It took the cast a couple of years, 1000 recordings, and just tons of work to finish it, and now I want you to steal it. 
Yep, you heard me, just pirate it away. Aaargh.

You see, when I made Libertaria, I knew that I wanted it to be something special, something that didn't require $200 and a tux for nosebleed seats. I mean, really, it's been way too long that great music has required a six figure job to enjoy. So after a live premier and an online premier, well, I decided to chance it and just leave the film up on Youtube and see how long it took someone to pirate it. Answer: Less than Two Weeks!

Now I can take this two ways:
1) Be raving mad that someone dared to steal my work
2) Be flattered that someone (or a bot) figured that Libertaria: The Virtual Opera was worth stealing

I mean, I guess if it was a pea…