Independent Musicians Flock to Bandcamp

Indie Music Marketing: Musicians Flock to Bandcamp offers indie musicians an affordable and customizable alternative to traditional third party retailers like iTunes and CD With a price tag that hovers around zero for uploaded albums, music merch links, and more, gives musicians more control over their music. Why do indie musicians love Bandcamp is free!

Free and Fun to Use, Bandcamp.Com Offers Indie Musicians a Chance at Stardom on the Cheap 

Musician In-the-art-bubble
When you are scrounging around for a few bucks to replace your busted guitar pick or are splitting last night's gig payout between five guys, free sounds great. And is free. For the price of a breath of air you can upload albums, singles, bonus files, and merchandise links. Upload bonus tracks, sheet music, and images with your album. Your fans will enjoy listening to your music and checking out the extra surprise bonuses.
The 1988 re-released CD with bonus tracks
As a composer and indie musician myself I have used Bandcamp to upload practice tracks and scores for performers, promote my virtual opera Libertaria through free giveaways, and offer easy downloads for many of my multimedia pieces.

You control the pricing

One of the biggest benefits to is the ability to set your own pricing. In fact, you can even set your pricing to zero for a limited number of downloads. Why set your albums for free? Free albums are a great way to connect to your fans and gain new listeners. For example, a monthly music giveaway through Bandcamp may earn you new fans. Bandcamp allows indie musicians up to 200 free giveaways at the basic free rate. You can pay for additional services and downloads. 

When was working on my opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, I was able to use Bandcamp's platform to post up practice tracks, scores, and more for my cast members. With a click of a button, the Libertaria cast could quickly download their music for free. The site has worked well for several promotional marketing campaigns for the opera film, including the online premier by Moviestorm this past December. 

Easy-to-Use Music Widgets

Embed any number of widgets to your website and social media sites with You can customize your widgets and easily test and embed them in your website or blog. 

Music Merch Sales
Make money selling t-shirts, vinyl, and other music merchandise by linking your Bandcamp album site to outside e-stores. New to the site is a more intuitive search engine that helps music fans find music that they love.

There are a number of online marketing tools for the indie musician, including Reverbnation and CD Baby. Bandcamp is a great way to introduce your music to the world. Use Bandcamp in conjunction with other media sites to create a strong online presence and reach your fans around the world. 
This review of Bandcamp was unsolicited and unpaid based on private use of Bandcamp services for my film Libertaria. I just enjoy the platform and thought it would be great to share! :) - Sabrina Pena Young
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