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#FREEKINDLEBOOK this CYBER MONDAY: A Tale of Two Cities: 13 Short Poems Inspired by Buffalo, New York (The Poetry and Lyrics of Sabrina Pena Young Book 2)

A Tale of Two Cities: 13 Short Poems Inspired by Buffalo, New York (The Poetry and Lyrics of Sabrina Pena Young Book 2)

In this NEW short collection of urban poems, award-winning composer and Amazon bestselling author Sabrina Pena Young shares thoughts and memories of contemporary Buffalo, New York.
Includes BONUS Spoken Poetry and Jazz Soundtracks!

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Secret of the Artist: 5 Graphic Design and Web Design Tips Tenets of Professionalism and Communication

5 Graphic Design and Web Design Tips when Working with a Client: Basic Tenets of Professionalism and CommunicationWhen working in graphic design or web design, it is important to keep to some basic tenets to keep your client happy and your work looking professional. After all, if you do a great job with your client, then they will recommend you to other potential clients.

1. Know what the client wants.
This is probably the most difficult part of working with a potential client. Many clients will not know exactly what they want. They will have an idea envisioned in their head, but will be unable to communicate it to you. All they will know is when your graphic design ideas do not correspond to the visual elements in their head. Ask your client simple graphic design questions and have samples of each type, especially if the client is not familiar with graphic design lingo. Ask about fonts, color schemes, formatting, photos, borders, buttons and rollovers, any Flash elements, if the materi…

5 TOP Music Promotion Tips for Bands: Music Biz Insider

5 TOP Music Promotion Tips for BandsFollow these tips when promoting your music online. CONTENT: Free and members only online music promotion websites have revolutionized the music industry. From Reverb Nation, to You Tube, to i-Tunes, you and your band are expected to know a few things about basic marketing before marketing your music to the masses. Follow these tips below to create a great online band portfolio.

1) Have a vision and set a goal.
Who are you? What does your band stand for? What is your niche? Are you rock? Are you jazz? Are you hip hop? Find out who listens to your band and find out where they are. Do they frequent coffee shops? Do they hang by the beach, the basketball court, colleges, or the kitchen? You do not need to appeal to everyone to be successful. In fact, when you appeal to everyone, then you just begin to sound like elevator music.

Find a vision for your band and set a goal. For example, when in grad school, I set a go…

5 Tips How to Make a Music Video

5 Tips When Making Your First Music Video A Band's Guide to Music Videos. Making a music video is a fun and exciting experience for your band. Avoid some common pitfalls by following these simple tips. 1. Decide on a song that represents your band as a whole. Maybe the sweet lullaby with the dulcimer twinkling in the background is your favorite song, but if your band's fare is usually severely punk, then spending all that time on that one song may mislead fans who are looking for a mellower sound. Find your signature tune (usually the most popular tune you have), and work with that. Make sure everyone is familiar with the tune, inside and out, even the new drummer who replaced the old drummer who only lasted three gigs.

2. Decide on a budget. How much can you afford, really afford, to spend? At the least, even with borrowed equipment, a free location, and your brother doing post production, you will probably blow at the least a few hundred making this video. High end videos, …

The Obscure J.S. Bach: Why the Baroque Master remained a mystery for over a century!

Bach wasn't always a famous composer. Find out why the Baroque Master remained a mystery for over a century! Believe it or not, Bach's music largely disappeared shortly after his death. Part of the reason for Bach's relative obscurity is that he was part of a very large musical family. In other words, he was just another talented musician in the bunch. Even two of his children - Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach and Johann Christian Bach - pursued music after Bach died. They were not as famous as he was, although their works are still played today.

<a href="">Classical Music for Tranquil Meditation by Sabrina Pena Young</a>
Being only one of many Bachs, he established an excellent regional reputation, but did not gain fame internationally with his work. During the Baroque, being a composer was much le…

Low Budget Film and Video Tips 1: In-Camera Video Effects

Create a Great Film or Video for Less Money: Helpful tips for creating convincing in-camera visual effects on low budget film and video projects.With the advent of online video hosting engines, reality television, and the myriads of eager students flooding film and art schools, nearly every amateur with a camera believes that he or she can become the next Oscar-winning director of the year. However, few students and beginning film auteurs have the multi-million dollar budgets of Hollywood film studios and so-called independent studios. Expensive cameras, special effects labs, music production, and video editing software can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention actors, lighting equipment, sound equipment, etc. However, being low-budget does open up the possibilities of creativity and innovation.

There are many ways to imitate costly computer effects in-camera without having to spend the extra cash.

Create your own camera filters using gauze, diffe…