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EDGY New Film : Special Needs Revolt! A man with Down syndrome is on a mission to save America from a racist dictatorship

Special Needs Revolt! Is an action-horror-comedy film. The film's hero, Billy Bates, who will be played by up-and-coming actor Samuel Dyer, is a young man with Down syndrome. Billy wakes up from a two-year coma and discovers that the United States has been turned into a brutal dictatorship thanks to President Kruger, to be played by award-winning veteran actor Bill Weeden (Sgt. KabukimanN.Y.P.D.). Kruger has put all people with disabilities into institutions. Billy becomes the leader of a diverse group of resistance fighters committed to ending Kruger's reign of terror. "Special Needs Revolt!" is also a satire on our current political situation, done in the style of Troma Entertainment. Lloyd Kaufman of Troma will appear in the film. 
CHECK OUT THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN: Adrian’s latest work Special Needs Revolt! may seem edgy and even shocking to some. However, it demonstrates that he is growing and maturing as …

New Music Video Release: Bjork Human Behavior Cover by San Ima - Electronic music

New Music Video Release: Bjork Human Behavior Cover by San Ima - Electronic music
Human Behaviour (Björk) Interpretation: San Ima / Direction: Rio Sierra Assistant's director: Andrea Bonetti Costume: Miss Lata and Kim Rosario Location: Tante Lisbeth, Berlin and surroundings A big thanks to all crew members, Jorge, Andrea, Chusa, Rebeca, and also the Pyonen for letting us shoot in the beautiful Tante Lisbeth! Felix for helping us out with the sound and Teloy for the patience and advice. Thank you :) Björk's first single "Human Behaviour" is celebrating already 25 years - that's a life time! In 1993 life was somehow different. We couldn’t see our pictures until we developed our film. We used phone cabins instead of mobile phones. The words Google, Facebook or influencer did not exist, because the internet was not present in our lives. We - San Ima - wanted to make a tribute to this amazing woman artist th…

New Music Spotlight : Synth Babes and Electronic Music

New Music Spotlight : Synth Babes and Electronic Music
Synth Babes exists to champion gender equality in electronic music. They aim to educate, inspire and create new experiences. They are in the process of developing a social networking application for anyone interested in electronic music - from newbies to seasoned pros. Within the application, there will also be designated 'safe spaces'.

Check out Synth Babes today:

How to Make a Film! BUFFALO NEW YORK NEW Filmmaker Boot Camp Breaks NEW Ground in Short Film! LAST DAY TO REGISTER!

BUFFALO NEW YORK is home to a new exciting film experience - Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp! Local filmmakers in Western New York get together to create brand new EXCITING short films! So far the camp has produced two new films - the suspenseful The Noise Within and the fun comedy Welcome to Space Force. The Noise Within was premiered at the Screening Room in Amherst, New York at the Buffalo Movie and Video Maker annual contest and won first place. 

The film, directed by emerging filmmaker Chris Thomas, was filmed in only two nights! Welcome to Space Force has been submitted to the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, which is a premier local event of incredible international and regional films in science fiction, horror, animation, drama, and more. This event is a bastion of indie filmmaking in the Western New York film region. Filmmakers had six weeks to write, film, and edit the short film, which was located in Kenmore, New York.


New Music at Sonic Ex10sian - Darmstadt Live Presentation

New Music at Sonic Ex10sian - Darmstadt  Live Presentation 
With kind permission of "Musikinstitut Darmstadt" we share a recording of the live presentation of the SonixEx10sion workshop held in Darmstadt Summer Course in 2018 in front of approx 200 capacity audience during Elektronik Atelier curated by Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo. The topics of the workshop were: • privilege in sound & listening
• decolonization of sound
• sound culture GOALS
make a collaborative piece
with a stranger in 3 days 
develop questions
ethical guidelines Questions we asked:
• What is sonic justice and sonic identity ? 
• Is there sonic identity politics?
• Social positioning and discourse: working with a complete stranger
• Critical examination of technology
• Collaboration production workflow

New Music Electronica From Female:Pressure Podcast Episode V

New Music Electronica From Female:Pressure Podcast Episode V

This is the episode number 16 of your favorite podcast, this time by V! It
is full of great female sounds. :-)

Listen to...

1. Matuss - Fairy Dust (Original Mix/Vinyl Only) - 2017
2. Joyce Muniz - On You (Original Mix) - 2015
3. Nadia Popoff - Cropcircles (Original Mix) - 2018
4. Daniele Kama - Memesis (Original Mix) - 2018
5. TINI - Shmoohs Raisin Theory (Re-UP Remix) - 2012
6. Nadja Lind & Deep Spelle - I Don't Speak In The Air (Original Mix) - 2015
7. Anja Schneider - Night Out (Original Mix) - 2017
8. Juliane Wolf - Arp Journey (Heinrich Mendez Remix) - 2017
9. PHROND - T17053 (Original Mix) - 2018
10. Nackt, Doc Sleep, CM-4 - Ford (Original Mix) - 2015

Designer by day, DJ by night, Event Producer in-between. V is a Berlin-based New Yorker who loves photography, travel, karaoke, Legos, and everything design/tech-related. She is one of the resident artists of ebb + flow (…

LAST CHANCE to sign up for the GROUNDBREAKING Buffalo Filmmaker Boot Camp! NEW YORK

LAST CHANCE to sign up for the GROUNDBREAKING Buffalo Filmmaker Boot Camp! NEW YORKBudding filmmakers and professionals alike will work together in this collaborative class to write, film, act in, and edit an original short film written by the class. Learn film production basics in screenwriting, filming, sound and video editing, special fx, makeup fx, and more. Students will each take on a specific role in the short film production that will be filmed during class. The final film will be screened the last day of class. Students are encouraged to bring any camera/film equipment available to class. A supply fee of $10 to be paid to the instructor the first day of class.


NEW Filmmaking Book - Filmmaking Crash Course: 30 Exercises for Educators, Students, and Filmmakers on Amazon!

NEW Filmmaking Book - Filmmaking Crash Course: 30 Exercises for Educators, Students, and Filmmakers 

Unravel the mystique surrounding filmmaking through simple, well-thought-out exercises and practical tips. This book can be used quickly by any filmmaker regardless of level. For those that are established film professionals, there are a variety of exercises that can help you build skills in your weaker areas. 

Over thirty practical filmmaking exercises. Focus on writing, production, directing, and post-production. Students and professionals alike will find exercises that hone their skills substantially. A great addition to any video production library. 

Whether you are in video production, screenwriting, sound, cinematography, short films, feature-length movie production, advertising, or animation, you will learn something new in this exciting new film workbook. 

Find exercises and inspire your students to create. Feel free to adjust the level and diffic…

NEW MUSIC Free Sheet Music From New York Composer

NEW MUSIC Free Sheet Music From New York Composer Source: Category:Young, Sabrina Pena - IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet 



Sabrina Peña Young, the daughter of Dominican and Cuban parents, grew up in South Florida during the 1980s. Starting her creative journey as a musician, Young spent her teen years and much of her college life performing in various orchestras, alternative bands, and avant-garde ensembles. While at University of South Florida in Tampa in 2000, Sabrina Peña Young became involved with SYCOM (Systems Complex for the Recording and Performing Arts), an experimental enclave of composers and media artists and abandoned the sticks for technology. She worked with Emmy-winning director Charles Lyman at Atlantic Productions before leaving Tampa to study music technology at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, in 2003. Over the next several…

NEW MUSIC! The Space Force March Buffalo New York Composer

NEW MUSIC! The Space Force March Buffalo New York Composer

The Space Force March from "Welcome to Space Force" July 2018. Composer Sabrina Peña Young. Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved. ASCAP.
Space Force drafts an unlikely band of crazy recruits in this original zany short film directed by Chris Thomes for Buffalo’s Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp.

Download the soundtrack today:
Sign up for the amazing FILMMAKER BOOT CAMP in Buffalo, New York! Make a short film in only SIX WEEKS with award-winning composer and filmmaker Sabrina Peña Young.

New Music Article Hearing Secondary Dominants at Musical U

Hearing Secondary Dominants at Musical U Read the Full Article Here: Source: Hearing Secondary Dominants | Musical U

Chord progressions make up the backbone of most popular and classical compositions. Without a strong chord progression, tunes can seem lost and aimless. This constant pull between tension and release creates a delicate balance in songwriting. In a nutshell, chords constantly move back to the tonic chord of a song. But composers and songwriters can spice up their progressions and put a twist on this tendency with a handy technique known as “secondary dominants.”

Read full article here:

New Music Buffalo Composer Finalist in CINTAS Foundation Composer Fellowship for 2018-2019 in Miami

Buffalo Composer Finalist in CINTAS Foundation Composer Fellowship for 2018-2019  in Miami Miami, August 2018 – The CINTAS Foundation announces this year’s finalists for the annual CINTAS Fellowship Competition and the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. A reception and awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, October 10th, at the University of Miami’s Lowe Art Museum. An exhibition featuring works by each of the finalists will be on exhibit at the Lowe Art Museum beginning on Wednesday, October 3rd.
Buffalo Composer Sabrina Peña Young is among the finalists for this year's Cintas composer fellowship. If she wins, Young hopes to use the funds to produce her upcoming children's opera Alica and the White Rabbit, a futuristic opera loosely inspired by the work of Lewis Carroll and a precursor to her animated opera Libertaria.

The CINTAS Foundation oversees two important art collections in the United States. The Master Paintings from the Spanish School include pieces th…