NEW Buffalo New York Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp REGISTER TODAY

NEW Buffalo New York Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp Registration OPEN! The incredible Filmmaker Boot Camp that brought you The Noise Within and the upcoming Welcome to Space Force has open registration TODAY. Create an incredible short film in just SIX WEEKS! A class for both amateurs and seasoned professionals alike, Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp is growing to be a filmmaking staple in Western New York. 
Hosted by award-winning composer and filmmaker Sabrina Peña Young, the camp has brought together filmmakers, writers, actors, and cinematographers from all over the Western New York region. 

Filmmakers write, film, and edit a short film in just SIX WEEKS! It's an incredible hands-on experience like no other. 
For filmmakers interested in social media marketing skills, Young also teaches a course in Social Media Marketing, also in Kenmore. 
REGISTER TODAY! Registration will be open until September …

Classical Music Radio Broadcast Request Promotes Women Composers - Composer Amy Beach

Classical Music Radio Broadcast Request Promotes Women Composers - Composer Amy BeachThe International Alliance for Women in Music and other musical advocacy groups encourage classical music lovers to request the music of notable women in music. Each month different composers are chosen. 
More information below: 
To participate in promoting the broadcast of women's compositions, please telephone or e-mail local and/or Internet radio stations during Aug. 5-11, 2018, requesting that they play music composed by AMY BEACH.

As usual, the selection, which is different every week, has been made by Ursula Rempel. The selections, she explains, "are based on a combination of factors: availability of CDs, geography/nationality, accessibility/appeal of the music for general audiences, and a concern to feature both historical and contemporary women composers." 

Feel free to copy and modify this to suit yourselves: 

Ladies and Gentlemen: 

Would you please play music composed by AMY BEACH? B…

NEW Music, Art, Film, and Writing Private Lessons and Workshops in Buffalo Western New York!

NOW OFFERING PRIVATE LESSONS, GROUP LESSONS, and WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS IN WESTERN NEW YORK!  CONTACT ME AT to Schedule Your First Lesson! Homeschooling Families Welcome! Experienced with Special Needs and At-Risk Students. Contact for more information. PRIVATE LESSONS IN NORTH BUFFALO ($25/Half Hour; $40/Hour; $125 Monthly for 3 Months)
(Ages 10 to Adult)
Filmmaking and Video Production
Music Production GROUP LESSONS IN NORTH BUFFALO ($75/Hour Class; Includes Supplies)
(Ages 5 to 18, 2-5 Children/Teens; At least 1 Parent/Guardian must be present)
Classes can be weekly, monthly, or one-time workshops
Pop Art and Mixed Media
Music History (Middle Ages/Ancient Music, Baroque/Classical Era, Romantic Era, 20th Century, Jazz/Blues, World Music, Electronic Music)
World Art (Choice of Africa, Australia/Polynesia, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe, Ancient Arts, Contemporary Art)

New Music Album Release - Coro del Mundo

New Music Album Release - Coro del Mundo
CORO DEL MUNDO Compilation With its blend of religious and cultural influences, CORO DEL MUNDO is proof that different faiths and beliefs can sit together comfortably at the same musical table. Tracks range from sacred to secular, and from delicate to aggressive, while the surprising cohesiveness of the composers’ work is astonishingly beautiful. Recorded in Cuba, Schola Cantorum Coralina and Vocal Luna contribute exquisite vocals to these recordings.


New Music Album Release - Electronic Music Reveries by Foldplop

New Music Album Release - Electronic Music Reveries by Foldplop
Reveries by Foldplop

In celebration of netlabel day — 14 fantasies of hope, uncertainty and perseverance.

New Music Book on Composer Jennifer Higdon Now Available through McFarland Press

New Music Book on Composer Jennifer Higdon Now Available through McFarland Press"Composing in Color" Renowned composer Jennifer Higdon is best known for her symphonic pieces blue cathedral, Concerto for Orchestra, City Scape, Concerto 4-3 and Violin Concerto (2010 Pulitzer Prize). These compositions illustrate her breadth of style and avant-garde technique. The author examines these works—with commentary by Higdon—as well as the music of her first opera, with a focus on compositional history, musical characteristics, formal analysis and critical reception.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Christina L. Reitz is an associate professor of music at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. Her research on Jennifer Higdon has been published in the Grove Dictionary of American Music, the International Alliance for Women in Music Journal, and the North Carolina Literary Review.

Christina L. Reitz
Foreword by Marin Alsop
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 261
Bibliographic Info: 91 photos, no…

New Music Release Electronica Uzun Havalar by Anadol

New Music Release Uzun Havalar by Anadol

Anadol's third album, Uzun Havalar, recorded on tape by Kinship Records, is now available online and cassette format. Uzun Havalar by AnadolRecorded and mixed in 2015 the album is built around three long synth tracks referring to the improvised unmetric folk songs “uzunhava” in middle eastern music.  You can hear drummers laughing and playing guitars, composers howling, screaming, record collectors playing synths, actors mumbling and tuning in to the geography of Anadol's synth compositions. 

Anadol is a traditional continuation of lone synth experimentalists like Bruce Haack and The Space Lady with their childlike curiosity for electronic sounds, pushing the boundaries of minimal equipment.
Composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Anadol at Tempelhof Studios 2015. Mastering by Martin Bartscher. 

Görünmez Hava Voice: Suphi Sökücü Additional Synthesizers: Emir Özer Trumpet: Aşkın Kırım 78 Yılının En Uzun Dakikası Guitar: …