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Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Musicians: How You Can Fund Your Music

Kickstart Your Album to Music Success!

Today there are so many incredible opportunities for musicians to reach out to their fan base and collaborate, fund their projects, and create amazing art that is only possible through social media and the Internet. These four sites can get you started on using the Internet to reach your music dreams!
Amazon Mechanical Turk Gotta love how Amazon is experimenting all over the place with online collaboration. In this case, in the Amazon Mechanical Turk, you pay people a few cents to complete tasks (some may be free and others are a few dollars). How can a musician use this? You can use the AMT for massive online collaborations where each person contributes a few notes or a recording, try to promote a concert or album, get feedback through polls, and more.  Wreckamovie Wreckamovie is an online site set up primarily for online film collaborations. However, there are sections for music videos and opera productions. You set up a free account, post up "…

Running on Empty: Deep Listening Institute Personal Appeal from Compsoer Pauline Oliveros

Oliveros (right) playing in Mexico City in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This message was originally received as part of the International Alliance for Women in Music ListServe. The Deep Listening Institute has provided decades of excellent new music and arts programming, festivals, educational classes, and materials, and remains a bastion of contemporary music and the innovative Deep Listening process invented by founder legendary composer Pauline Oliveros ------ Running on Empty
A Personal Appeal from Pauline Oliveros
May 7, 2014
Dear Friends and Supporters of Deep Listening,

As some of you may know, the Deep Listening Institute moved out of its Kingston, NY, office at the end of April.  We could no longer afford the rent.  The work of DLI continues, of course, and in fact this has been one of our most exciting years.  We held our first three-day academic conference, “Deep Listening: Art/Science,” last July at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and we’re holding our second one t…

The Real Composer Behind the Saturday Night Live What's Poppin Jazz Scat Video

Composer Janice Misurell-Mitchell is the Secret Inspiration Behind the SNL Skit Saturday Night Live lovers, who typically no longer watch Saturday Night Live on Saturday but
actually wait until Monday when it pops up on Hulu, enjoyed a rare hilarious bit from the "What's Poppin" skit, featuring a few, uhm, lets say non-traditional "hip hop" artists scatting away. Within a few minutes it's pretty clear that the performing musicians aren't what you would call mainstream hip hop artists, wearing strangely coordinated wardrobes and sporting a hip hop flute.

Watch the original Saturday Night Live Video.

Composer Janice Misurell-Mitchell is the inspiration behind this hilarious take on hip hop. 

You can watch the original version of Scat/Rap Counterpoint here, starring Misurell-Mitchell:

According to the composer:

"Scat/Rap Counterpoint presents various views of the dilemma in which American artists find themselves when they try to relate their work to their…

Women's Work Music Video Competition May 16 Deadline

Receipt Deadline:May 16– electronic submission Women's Work 2014 music video competition PRESS RELEASE

Women's Work announces its 2014 music video competition. In lieu of its annual concert series, Women's Work will sponsor a new music video competition on YouTube, with a deadline ofMay 16. Composers are invited to submit their original, new music videos of up 5 minutes to submit a link to where their video may be viewed online at

Entries will be judged by a panel, chaired by Beth Anderson, fromMay 19 through 23. Winner will be announced the week of May 26.

Entries will be evaluated by the overall quality of presentation. Visually static videos over music are not suggested. Please note that videos may be longer, but panel will not consider more than the first 5 minutes of any video. Please also note that there is a limit of 1 video per composer.

A prize of $150 U…