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Music Industry Insider: 50 Ways to Make Money as a Musician

50 Ways to Make Money as a MusicianWant to have a musical career but not sure how to make money as a musician in today's market? Well, first you need to redefine your goals as a musician and realize that like any job, being a musician involves a lot of work, perseverance, and talent. And in today's Digital Age, you need to be able to combine your skills to help you make a living as a musician. You will probably need to select at least a dozen forms of income and micro-incomes in order to make a full time living as a musician or choose a primary steady gig and add on other projects (what most musicians have done for centuries). 

Each method of making money has a $, $$, $$$ or S for work that will make you a little pocket money ($), possibly significant money - hundreds to thousands ($$), at least part time or possible full time work ($$$), or is steady work (S). Notice that none of these options involve making millions of dollars so you can drive around in a diamond-crusted limo…

Musician Pro: Mix, Record, Repeat - How to [AVOID] Crappy Music

Don't Let Your First CD Become a Coaster! Let's say you are aspiring to be the most memorable singer/songwriter/performer of all time, but it's the first time in that you have been in the studio and you are creating your first masterpiece.

Whether you are slamming together some sweet dance beats, crooning out a ballad, trippin' on rock n roll, composing your first string quartet, or trying to be the next American pop diva, there are some things that will guarantee that your latest CD will end up at the bottom of the discard pile.

So here you go, in no particular order:

20 Tips on How to Create Crappy Music
Make sure that your demo tape sounds like you recorded it at a construction site. The extra racket from the bulldozers and jackhammers will add a little bit of finesse to your delicate lyrics.Make sure every lyric rhymes with the word "blue".If you can't afford a real musician to play the sick guitar solo, practice Guitar Hero until you are blue in the face…

Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival Exciting Fall Music Events in South Florida

Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival Exciting Fall Music Events in South FloridaLYNN UNIVERSITY – Thursday evenings:
• September 18, October 23 and November 6 -- 7:30 P.M.
• Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall, Lynn University, 3601 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton.
• To purchase tickets for the Thursday concerts at Lynn University
call 561.237.9000 or visit

• September 19, October 10 and November 7 -- 7:30 P.M.
Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, 100 N. Palmway - downtown Lake Worth.
• To purchase tickets for the Friday concerts in Lake Worth
call 800.330.6874 or order online at

LIGHTHOUSE ARTCENTER MUSEUM – 2 Saturday evenings & 1 Wednesday evening:
• September 20,

Free Piano Vocal Sheet Music Download: Wedding Song for Mother and Son

Free Piano Vocal Sheet Music Download: Wedding Song for Mother and SonI was originally commissioned to complete this wedding song for the Pray for Gray leukemia fund, which fundraised with a private auction to help a close friend's family as their young son struggles through leukemia. 

(If you would like to find out more about Gray, please click on the box to the right to go to the Pray for Gray Facebook page). 

The work is simple, beautiful, and meant to be written from the point of view of a mother to her son on his wedding day. The lyrics of the chorus repeat in a lilting waltz:

Standing here  on your wedding day
From a boy to a man, my baby
Holding your dreams and hopes so close
And your wife, closer still
As the clock ticks time away
As the clock ticks time away

The words have been changed slightly from the original version. 

I hope that you enjoy this composition. Feel free to play and perform the work, and feel free tocontact meif you have any questions about its performance orcommis…

Indie Filmmaker Insider: How to Make Your Animated Film on the Cheap Using Machinima

Make Your Animated Film on the Cheap Using MachinimaA few years ago I wanted to make an exciting epic sci-fi animated film, but I didn't have any money and I didn't have a crew, cast, or access to a studio or even high end software. So I decided to go an unconventional route: machinima.

Why Machinima?
Machinima is a video game based animation style in which the animator (or machinimator) essentially directs their characters in a premade computer generated environment. This is different than traditional animation that is created cel by cel or computer animation where the animator has to animate and design every single step, breath, and hair follicle of their characters. 

Think of it as the difference between claymation (where you have to create the character and then move its foot, take a picture, move its foot again, take a picture, etc.) and a live action film where the character runs across the stage and the cameraperson follows the actor as he runs. 

One of the key benefits of …