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Happy Thanksgiving and Free Animation Software!

Happy Thanksgiving from the New Music Resource! And in the Thanksgiving spirit let's be thankful for all of the incredible free and inexpensive animation, graphic design, and music tools online! After all, we all know that most of us would rather be creating the next epic film, writing a new album, creating some kill app, or jamming with our band this holiday season, right? In any case enjoy this great list of animation software programs this holiday season!

Motion graphics visual effects for film and media.
Animator-9 3.6

Animated GIFs from digital camera

Image morphing
GifSplitter 2

Stop-motion animation
Anime Studio Pro 5

AniS 1.0

Slideshow builder

Image manipulation
Beneton Movie GIF

GIF animation
Cylekx 2.9

Graphics animation

DigiCel Flipbook 6

Flash Media Show

Enjoy your Animation Software Freebies, delicious Food, and Friends and Family this Thanksgiving! 

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FILMMAKER SECRETS: 20 Must-Have Music, Media, Animation Tools

I recently gave a lecture at Buffalo State about the production process involved with my animated film Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. As I chatted on about software tools, social media sites, and Kickstarter, I realized that it was time to compile a list for musicians, animators, and other media artist. So here it is, 20 must-have tools for media, music, and animation, in no particular order. 

I used each of these tools and sites for the production of Libertaria, which took over two and a half years. Lots of work, but practically impossiblewithout these tools. Most are affordable or free, which is always great for those on a budget!

Easy-to-Use animation software. Has several packages, plus free trial to test it out. Libertaria was created entirely using this software. 

Comic Life 2
Create a comic book or use comic book graphics in your media project. Affordable and fun to use with silly sound effects.

Needs no introduction. Top of the line soft…