Please Pirate My Music: A Letter to Music Piracy Experts, with Love

Musician Encourages Music Piracy of Her Opera

Dear Music Pirate,

Hello, starving artist here. I just finished this great sci-fi comic book animated Libertaria: The Virtual Opera.  

It took the cast a couple of years, 1000 recordings, and just tons of work to finish it, and now I want you to steal it. 

Yep, you heard me, just pirate it away. Aaargh.

You see, when I made Libertaria, I knew that I wanted it to be something special, something that didn't require $200 and a tux for nosebleed seats. I mean, really, it's been way too long that great music has required a six figure job to enjoy. So after a live premier and an online premier, well, I decided to chance it and just leave the film up on Youtube and see how long it took someone to pirate it. Answer: Less than Two Weeks! 

Now I can take this two ways:

1) Be raving mad that someone dared to steal my work
2) Be flattered that someone (or a bot) figured that Libertaria: The Virtual Opera was worth stealing

I mean, I guess if it was a pearl necklace I'd be pretty upset, but it's music, it's art, and it's an opera about freedom, so doesn't the fact that it's stolen to share to the masses the whole point, since the point of this opera was to make an online opera to share it with the masses? Right? Follow my logic here, ok...just follow me. 

Music fans borrow and listen to music like they breathe oxygen.

I mean, you don't have to pay to breathe the same air as some posh businessman, right? And I also know that just because someone has borrowed my music doesn't mean that they don't support me another way, maybe through tweeting Libertaria to friends, or sharing the music on Facebook, or posting a blog about the film, or even buying the album because they think the opera is just that great! (And it is).

So here is what I say, steal the film! Post it on your website or blog or whatever. Share the music and tweet away, repost the scores or recommend the film on your sci-fi piracy site. Burn illegal copies for your kid brother or for the next comic book convention or sci-fi lover festival. Libertaria is the first COMIC BOOK OPERA, so feel free to to beg, borrow, and steal away the sci-fi film. 

And do me one little favor? If you do like the film, heck even if you hate the film, blog about it, and if you like it, buy a track. Trust me, I google like a banshee, and I would love to know what my cyber savvy fans think!


Sabrina Peña Young
AKA, not-so-starving artist!

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