50 Shades of Trump: Thoughts on the Presidential Inauguration

50 Shades of Trump: Thoughts on the Presidential Inauguration 

It's as if the zeitgeist had prepared America for the harrowing debacle that was the 2016 election by it's glorification of sadist narcissistic white billionaires in the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. In a single year, America gave up her dignity and self-respect in an obsession with a petulant playboy and predator that was the media's darling until, surprise, the billion dollars in free advertising pushed him to the top of an overflowing field of wanna-be-POTUS Republican candidates and the Democratic National Convention's sweetheart Hillary Clinton (Sorry, Bernie Fans, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn't care less about you).

50 Shades of Trump: We Lost Control of America

And so we are here....

Inaugurating a man that demonstrates the tact of a thirteen-year-old girl, whose followers worship him and his anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-disabled, anti-veteran, and anti-common-sense rhetoric because somehow in this love affair with egoistic danger, they think they will be on top, that their ignored needs will be met, that this flirt with danger and privilege will right decades of wrong against the working class. 

But as any of the many women who have dated a true Christian Grey could tell you, the passionate affair soon gives way to physical and emotional pain. All control is given to the puppetmaster, who is so broken and insecure himself that he is incapable of seeing that his actions are destroying his partner's soul. When America emerges from this four year relationship battered and bruised, with bloody scars across her broken body, let's hope that she isn't so weak as to think that a sequel is what this country needs.

Until then, those of us, the vast majority, over seventy-five percent of Americans that did not vote for Trump, need to hold our heads up high, work together and stop bickering amongst ourselves, and take some self-defense classes. 

We don't need a weak playboy. He needs us, and it's in our power to ensure that the next four years don't decimate what is left of our great democratic nation. 

Viva la USA

V for Vendetta


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