NMR Artist Spotlight: Eclectic Electronica Musician Seychal-Mills on the Pink Panther Theme Mashup

NMR Artist Spotlight: Eclectic Musician Seychal-Mills on the Pink Panther Theme Mashup

Thoughts from the Artist

The idea behind this album was to build music only with sounds taken from movies from the 1960's – noises, voices, and tiny bits of music (a piano sound here, a trumpet there, two notes played by a guitar...). The result is a blend of electronica, concrete music and, of course, cinematic music. Actually, I'm planning a few performances with this music, and already working on the next LP, which is not sample-based.

About the artist Seychal-Mills

A track entirely made of sound material coming from the movie "A shot in the dark" (Blake Edwards, 1964) – yes, it's one of the "Pink Panther" movies


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