NMR Artist Spotlight Exclusive: Greek Classical Film Composer George Kalyvas

NMR Artist Spotlight Exclusive: Greek Classical Film Composer George Kalyvas

What is your story?

I was born and grew up in Athens Greece and musically I started with piano lessons at the age of 9 which lasted for four years as I didn’t like the environment where I had to study just for the annual exams. I thought at the time that music was more of a discovery from inside out rather than learning how to place your fingers at the keyboard and play what you see. Of course when I grew up and at the age of 19 I understood what is the meaning of a composition and I was intrigued, as I started guitar, music theory and music harmony lessons where I obtained my first degree in music, by the story of each composition and about the mechanics of it.

I later decided to study on my own counterpoint, fugue and to start analysing scores from quartets to symphonies of the great classical composers. Now I am living in the UK and I am pursuing a career in the music industry. I already have scored 3 short films, 2 feature films and I am writing songs in a more orchestral style.

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The Isle of Skye: It is a place of beauty way beyond compare, where the sound of bagpipes fills the evening air!!

What inspires your music?

I am inspired from everything. From philosophy and art to science, from the visible to the invisible, from the wise words of an old woman to the truth of folklore sayings. I am just a vessel.

What makes your music extraordinary/different?

It is the marriage of contemporary commercial music with the roots of the great classicists.Music that can be played from everyone with just a guitar to the biggest orchestras and choirs giving emphasis not only to a good melodic line but to the orchestration that comes with it.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

For the upcoming year I am about to score 2 short films and by that expanding my experience with music for films, I will continue to have a great collaboration with my very good friend and awesome lyricist Kevin Bowdler where together we are writing songs that are not only commercially great but they also speak to the heart of the listener. And finally I am about to finish and publish my first symphony for orchestra and choir where I am planning to enter the classical music industry for good.

To the man who helped me in my first steps, the man who was always there for me, the man who will always be in my heart and my mind, the man who was my perfect example and showed me the way. Until we meet again dad.... All rights of the music reserved by George Kalyvas


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