NMR Artist Spotlight : Electronica Master Michael Klug

Electronica Master Michael Klug Talks About his 

Music and Inspiration: 

What Inspires Your Music?
What inspired this album was I went through a break up with my longtime girlfriend that completely devastated me. She cheated and lied and then cut me out of her life out the blue. I had moved to be closer to her and I didn't have any friends in the city where I lived so after we split I was completely alone. On top of marijuana induced delusions and paranoia, I was suicidal, alone and heart broken. I've always had a passion for electronic music so I decided to make some myself as a means of catharsis. 

 I don't know if I'd say my music is extraordinary but I would definitely say it's different. I aimed to put all of my pain and personality into these songs but at the same time maintain listenability. The album doesn't take itself very seriously as I tried to have an air of playfulness. The listener can choose not to take the music seriously and leave it strictly as a source of entertainment or they can take it seriously and dive into some of the deeper elements of the album. 

What are Your Upcoming Plans?

My plans for the upcoming year are to just try to get my album out there and to break into the music scene. I am a solo artist and I'm facing the challenges that come with making it in this industry on my own.



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