Buffalo New York Queen City Sweethearts Singing Ensemble Brings Cheer this Holiday Season

Buffalo New York Queen City Sweethearts Singing Ensemble Brings Cheer this Holiday Season

"The nearly one-hundred-year old vaulted ceilings of the community room of St. Mary’s Senior Apartments reverberated with an amazing sound last evening. Queen City Sweethearts blended their songs into each and every carefully phrased number. The walls of the former convent filled with acoustical finesse and the trio sustained an evening of wondrous variety. Their tenor, alto and bass voices filled the walls with Holiday songs old and new with only the assistance of musical cues from a tiny electric piano. The talented voices seemed to melt as they rose painting the glowing walls of soft golden light reflected from a towering Christmas tree covered with tiny white lights adding to a wondrous display of holiday splendor. The charming clarity captured the essence of each song and brought appreciative applause from every corner of the three-storey former convent chapel of the Sister’s of St. Francis. 
Neither one of the three admitted to having taken a single music lesson; their incredibly well-rehearsed numbers flavored with adept touches throughout the more than hour and a half performance brought the room to a standing ovation. " 

Written by Patrick Hayes

Buffalo's own Queen City Sweethearts brings joy this year to the local community. Part music and part ministry, they reach out to charities and local organizations to bring music and merriment to all. 

Find out more on the Queen City Sweathearts Facebook Page:


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