New track! \"Halloween Robo-Bop\" teaches Chord Progressions

DOWNLOAD THE New track! \"Halloween Robo-Bop\" teaches Chord Progressions

New track! "Halloween Robo-Bop" teaches Chord Progressions
Have you been joining in our trick-or-treating?
Some dreadful delights await you!
Today we have an extra special spooky gift for you… A new Unravelling Music to help you hear more in music!
Who said that ear training couldn’t be fun? Enjoy learning while listening to great music on your iPod! The Unravelling Music series is designed to help you learn, wherever you are – just by listening to music. Spend a little time getting to know the track using the extra clips and track notes provided, and then simply listen to the track to reinforce what you’ve learned.
For this Halloween special, the audio examples will help train your ears to hear chord progressions commonly used for pop songs – with some special spooky changes for a horror twist!


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