A Halloween Treat: Classic Song-Writing Tricks

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Wish you had some fun new Halloween music and an easy way to train your musical ear in suitably spooky style this October? Look no further than John Anealio’s Halloween E.P. Let’s listen together and see what musical mischief might be lurking in its four tracks…
You may remember John Anealio as the composer of the beautiful and relaxing instrumental track Echoes of Espers in our recent article “Open Your Ears to 5 Kind of Soft Songs”, but did you know he’s also a talented singer-songwriter who writes nerd-culture inspired songs about topics like steampunk, Game of Thrones, Lego and superheroes? Like ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and Jonathan Coulton he’s a master of gently playing with song-writing traditions to create catchy-yet-subversive tunes that sound instantly familiar while totally distorting the norms of pop and rock lyrics.


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