Who are the Dreamers Video: Brand New Congress supports Dreamers

More than 80% of Americans agree, Congress is broken. For years our legislators have left the hard work of lawmaking undone and allowed the Executive Branch to accumulate power, creating laws by Executive Order and agency rules. Now that strategy leaves many programs we count on vulnerable. DACA is just the latest program targeted by the cruel short-sightedness of the Trump Administration. But Trump couldn't target DREAMers today if Congress had done their job.

We need a Brand New Congress who will actually work for the people. Brand New Congress stands by our DREAMers, and our candidates will fight for a swift and secure roadmap to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants. Help us build the largest grassroots campaign in American history. Help us take back Congress.

To learn more about our campaign, our platform, and our candidates, please visit us at http://www.brandnewcongress.org.



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