Music Marketing Book Tips - Double-checking your Bands logo & font

Music Marketing Book Tips - Double-checking your Bands logo & font. An LW Music Business Speaker and Author Video Blog.

In The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business, I have small music marketing book tips in gray through out the book. So if you are skimming you can find little tidbits and helpful music business tips to think about and apply.

One of the music marketing book tips that I did not include in the new music industry book was about checking and double-checking your bands logo and bands font to see how similar or close the might be to others.

Very often a musician or band will get a design that they really like and run with it, not realizing till later how close it might look to some one else's or some other product. The horror stories, which I do include in the music marketing book, include a group that had paid a small fortune for merchandise before receiving a cease and desist order on being able to sell any of it for being too close to another image in the suit it was termed "likeness."

So what do you do? You cant know everything that's out there. But what you can do is take your font, your logo or even pictures and drop them in to the Google Images search page. Then after you click search, you can go to the field where it is marked, find similar images.

This will help you see if your bands logo is already out there or looks like something too similar to something else. When I first got back the cover design for my music marketing book, it was the first thing I did. I searched the image and decided it stood out in a way that I liked and was not too close to anything else.

Those little extra steps that cost nothing but a few minutes here and there can save you all sorts of hassle down the road. Make sure whether its your bands logo, the font or anything else, that you are standing out and not looking to close to something that is already out there, especially if it is already established.


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