Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Information

Massive disasters like Hurricane Harvey create more needs than any one organization can meet on their own. The Red Cross is working very closely with the entire response community – government agencies, other non-profit groups, faith-based organizations, area businesses and others – to coordinate emergency relief efforts and get help to people as quickly as possible.
As more streets and highways clear, the Red Cross will distribute food and relief supplies when and where it is safe to do so. And after the emergency relief part of our work is complete, we will use any remaining donations for Hurricane Harvey to meet the longer-term needs of the affected communities.
The Red Cross honors donor intent and all donations earmarked for Hurricane Harvey will be used for our work to support this disaster. Americans work hard for their money, and we’re committed to being the very best stewards of our donor’s dollars. The Red Cross keeps our expenses low, and 91 cents of every dollar we spend for this disaster will go to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.


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