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Hello My Amazing Fans! 
It's been a crazy busy summer, and juggling our new baby with making music and film has been a tad bit crazy...ok, a LOT CRAZY! So I really appreciate your support and encouragement. 

I need your help this weekend to help my dark dystopian series the Libertaria Chronicles to jump to the Top 10 at Amazon. It's super easy!

Download the Libertaria Chronicles for FREE TODAY:

Then SHARE with TEN of your FRIENDS via Social Media, E-mail, or even over a cup of Coffee! It's that EASY!

And since many of you are also incredible musicians, my incredible songwriting book Composer Boot Camp 101 is also FREE this weekend on Amazon Kindle! Learn the basics of songwriting, composition, lyric writing, rhythm and more in 50+ practical music exercises. Also FREE FREE FREE this weekend on Amazon starting Saturday!

So be sure to get your FREE downloads and SHARE with your friends on Social Media! :) 

Thank you again for supporting me and my music! You rock! 

Fans like YOU make it all worth it! :)

Musically yours,

PS Would love to hear what you think about Libertaria and Composer Boot Camp! So if you haven't jumped on my Facebook page yet, be sure to check it out. I include the latest giveaways , film updates, and music, as well as helpful posts about musicmaking and film each week! Check it out!


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