Music Business Tip: How To Get A Music Manager & Do You Need One?

Music Business Tip: Producers, do you really need a manager? Things every artist, band and producer should know and consider before hiring one

The most common misconception is that if you have a music manager life will be easier and you'll make more money.

Sometimes it works out that way and other times it doesn't. One thing you have to remember is that a manager has to make money as well. 

Some of you are thinking, "that's fine, make it happen", but understand that in order for a manager to be paid, they must take a percentage of what you're making per project.

This means the manager is going to have one of two things

1. Take a % from what you're charging your current clients. This could be bad because if you don't make a lot, then the manager isn't making enough and what was good pay for you is now reduced

Thing about it like this. If you charge $200 per track (or whatever) and the manager steps in and handles the communications, contracts etc (making your life easier) and then takes 20% of that, you've just lost $40.00, can you afford that loss?

On the other end the manager probably spent more than 3 hours coordinating with the client... is $40 worth that manager's time?

2. To make managing you worth the manager's time, they have to up your price and or find hiring pay clients. This can be both bad and good. Having hire paying client is always great because both of you are happy in the end.

The problem comes when the manager get's greedy. A $500 project might be fine for you, but not enough for the manager, as they're trying to figure in their % of commission and in the end can screw up the placement - Has happened to me a few times

I'm not against agents or managers, these are just some things to consider before appointing one to your day to day.

Make sure you can afford them and make sure they have your best interest in mind.


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