Top 10 Ways To Make Money Selling Beats Online

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Selling Beats Online

There are a lot of different ways to turn a beat catalog into income. Yet most producers seem to know little about the business side of beat making beyond putting a PayPal button onto a SoundClick page. After spending countless hours honing your craft, learning production techniques, downloading the best VSTs and making awesome beats it can be very frustrating if you're not racking up the kind of sales you want. So here are my personal Top 10 ways for producers to make money with beats, backed up with some image proof and compiled after almost a decade selling beats professionally!

Fast forward to the following sections:

1. Sell licenses to your beats - 0:35
2. Sell other producers' beats - 3:09
3. Sell mp3 downloads - 3:38
4. Make beat tapes - 4:35
5. Becomg a YouTube partner - 5:28
6. Get a TV placement - 6:17
7. Get your beats on internet radio - 7:13
8. Make a drum kit - 7:58
9. Submit your beats to music libraries - 9:03
10. Be creative! - 9:58

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Selling Beats
by Anno Domini


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