Sci-fi Animated Short Film - Invisible Strings - Sabrina Pena Young

Short Animated science fiction film Invisible Strings premiered March 21, 2016 at the Buffalo Movie and Video Makers annual spring competition. Filmmakers had one month to create a short film.


Invisible Strings

2016 Sabrina Pena Young

How can you miss a laugh you have never heard?

Or shed tears before saying hello?

How can you miss someone you never laid eyes on?

Or long to embrace a small stranger?

How could a difference of a few weeks tear apart your soul?

Or the tiniest of unseen beings change your path forever?

Invisible strings, cut by the Fates

Before a single breath was made

Lost to our world forever

Were your eyes brown like mine?

Did you have my smile?

Would you have loved music or art or words?

Millions of missing footprints

And yours was one of them, My Child.

Dedicated to the lost children of our world and Baby Y.


Story behind the soundtrack: female:pressure has launched an awareness and solidarity campaign for the cantons of #Rojava (located in northern Syria), where women participate on all levels of decision making and building a new society from scratch, with built-in social, racial and ethnic justice, religious freedom, ecological principles and gender equality.

With a series of music, media and sound art to listen, dance and fight to, we would like to send our love and strength to these women and spread a positive message in support of their efforts.


Trying to understand what these women have gone through is difficult for a Westerner who has had all the trappings of a plush American life. Yet, there are many circumstances that are unique to women, the chief among them is motherhood. Invisible Strings is an attempt to bring to sound art the emotions, loss, and experiences of motherhood lost, something that joins more women than we would care to discuss, as an attempt to support these women who join together to fight an enemy and protect their families.


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