Music Marketing |How To Build A Fanbase This Year | Indie Hip Hop Promot...

This video is the first of a video series giving independent hip hop artists tips on music marketing and promotion aka building a buzz. There are many ways to get your name out here as an artist. They require a lot of work and perseverance. If you have the determination to succeed and you have great music to offer you can strive in your music promotion efforts.

This video focuses on the connecting an identity to your music for branding and image purposes. When you are newcomer in the music industry you need to connect with potential fans with more than just music. We live in an age where the transparency between an artist and their fans is more prevalent than ever. On top of having great music it's a good idea to have a little something additional to offer to attain a target audience that will sustain your career. Check out the video and look out for Video Number 2.


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