I've had many requests to talk about getting into the music industry. So for today's video, I share 10 tips on how to get from bedroom producer to getting your music on TV (or other similar goals, like film composing, producing for people, etc). 

Here are the tips:

1. Write LOTS of music - Nothing is worse than having someone say “Send me some stuff” and you fumble the opportunity. Write it in batches. Do 10 cues of a style so if they like it you can send a batch of the same styles.

2. Get to know people. People are who run the industry, not youtube or soundcloud. You can meet people in person but you can also start with social media. 

3. Put your music on Youtube and Soundcloud! Have an online presense! If you don’t have a place where people can listen to your music, they will never give you a chance. 

4. Attend a few conferences to educate yourself about what facet you want to go into. Hollywood Reporter Film and TV Music Conf, Taxi, ASCAP Expo, etc.

5. Submit to Taxi and see what the feedback is.

6. Register with ASCAP or BMI

7. If you do register with one of these, check the cue sheets of all the production companies (publishers) they are using and hit them all up! 

8. Make good, current music. No old sounding stuff. Production is KEY. Find out what you are good at and people will come to you for it. If you are still shipping around your cues from last year or heaven forbid, a few years ago, write NEW music! Mix and master your cues properly. 

9. Get a job working for someone in the industry. They will give you knowledge, and bits - although this is not a direct path to being the next Zimmer.

10. Say YES to everything - but make sure you DELIVER. Water flows downhill in the path of least resistance - use that same strategy.


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