Heartland Marimba Festival Interviews "EPIC" Composer Sabrina Pena Young

Heartland Marimba Quartet Interview Sabrina Pena Young


Here at HMF we are committed to building a large community that surrounds and supports the classical marimba arts. To extend our appreciation, we are doing a question and answer with the artists in a blog series. First on the list is Sabrina Pena Young, a member of New York Women Composers, Inc. (NYWC). NYWC recently awarded HMF the 2016 NYWC Seed Money Grant. 

We thought that Sabrina would be a great person to do our first blog with because of her unique personality and expansive background in music. 

Read below to get a glimpse into her world. Short Bio: As a young girl Sabrina became interested in performing in all sorts of groups ranging from orchestras to rock bands. As she continued her education at the University of South Florida, she decided to take another path. “She abandoned the drum sticks for a computer mouse.” Today she continues on this path and has also delved into films as well. For her full biography, check out her website.


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