Buffalo Filmmaker Lobbies For IMDB Triple F Rating for Her Sci Fi Animated Feature Libertaria

Buffalo Filmmaker Lobbies For IMDB Triple F Rating for Her Sci Fi Animated Feature Libertaria

In solidarity with women in film throughout the world, IMBD has introduced a new film rating based on how vital a role women play in films. This special rating is based on three categories:

  1. Directing
  2. Writing
  3. Female Lead Characters

Only a handful of films in IMDB's impression million+ feature film database have been qualified to meet this criteria, and local Buffalo filmmaker Sabrina Pena Young is doing something to change that. 
Official Movie Trailer

In 2013 Young released "Libertaria: The Virtual Opera", a feature length science fiction film she directed and produced entirely online, using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to bring what the Palm Beach Arts Paper called "Wagner 2.0" to the big screen. Libertaria: The Virtual Opera has been screened at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, the Holland Animation Film Festival, Opera America in New York City, the NCCC Video Festival, and Greece's AnimaSyros Videoteque, as well as other venues and online. 

In 2014 Young gave a TED Talk on Libertaria, sharing her innovative film production. The film, purposely released independently and online, has gone on to influence the work of other artists like British composer Lee Scott, who created the online interactive web opera The Village and musician Matt Pittsinger.
Sabrina Pena Young Gives a TED TALK on her Film Libertaria

Sabrina Peña Young, an award-winning composer and advocate of women in the arts, wrote the original screenplay, directed and produced the film, and ensured that the lead characters in this film were women, with the lead being the young teen Libertaria (played by Gracia Gillund and Kate Sikora), with other strong female characters like the Nurse (who meets a
triple f rating
grisly demise and is played by Yvette Teel and Jennifer Hermansky) and Libertaria's twisted half-sister Lucinde (played by Gretchen Suarez-Peña). 

Being a Latina, Young also wrote characters that were multi-ethnic for her futuristic dystopia, pulling from her Cuban and Dominican roots, as well as from Asian/Middle Eastern and African-American culture. Libertaria is a tour-de-force in breaking cultural stereotypes and bringing different diverse characters to the American cinema, written and directed by a Cuban-American female filmmaker.

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera meets the Triple F Rating with its female director/writer Sabrina Peña Young and its dominant female characters. 

While the film was never up for an Oscar, it remains to be a groundbreaking work well received in the indie film and music world. You can watch the full film below!

Young is  embarking on a social media campaign to help her film Libertaria gain a Triple F rating from IMDB. This would be a tremendous show of support for female filmmakers, indie filmmakers, and true diversity in filmmaking. 

Help Female Filmmakers and Get Libertaria Indie Film Libertaria the Triple F rating:

  1. RATE Libertaria on IMDB HERE
  2. SHARE the film on social media (YouTubeLink
  3. WRITE IMDB about including Libertaria as an IMDB Triple F Rating film on their FACEBOOK HERE


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