New York Women Composers Exciting 2016 Music Album Releases - Classical Music

New York Women Composers Exciting 2016 Music Album Releases - Classical Music
Originally Published by the New York Women Composers:

An Exciting Spectrum of 2016 CD Releases
from solo piano to orchestral
from choral to Native American flute to solo guitar
featuring music by members of the New York Women Composers
Lots of ways to show your support for the music and composers of contemporary music!
Purchase a CD – show support for the Record Labels that are producing and distributing the music of Contemporary Composers;
Contribute – to an Individual Composer or an Artist’s Fundraising Campaign
Contribute – to a Music Organization, for example, the NYWC

Marilyn Bliss
Mystic Voices Soaring
Albany Records

Jennifer Castellano
CD Baby

Chen Yi
Chinese Rap

Rebekah Driscoll
From Liberty and Fragrant Harbors

Katherine Hoover
Requiem for the Innocent (Contemporary Choral Works, Vol. 1)

Ronnie Reshef
Nadav Lev: New Strings Attached - Contemporary Music for Guitar by Young Israeli Composers

Marga Richter & Rain Worthington
Sparks: Miniature Works for Orchestra

Judi Silvano
Listen To This

Faye-Ellen Silverman & Hilary Tann
Stories For Our Time: Music for Trumpet and Piano

Rain Worthington
Dream Vapors – selected works for orchestra
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