How to Transcribe DRUMS like a Music Pro from Easy Ear Training

How to Transcribe Music
In the first part of this series we covered transcription basics and what you should know before you start. So, once you are ready to start: where to begin? Music can be complex and that can make the task of transcribing it seem overwhelming!
Fortunately learning to transcribe music can be broken down into several key components. Learn about these and start by transcribing the right one, and everything else will fall into place much more easily.
It’s normally best to transcribe the drum part before anything else. Many hit tunes have very simple drum parts that repeat throughout the song. Transcribing the drums therefore gives you an easy starting point and provides a framework for all the other transcribing you will do.
Note: In the rest of this article we will refer to “drums” but we really mean percussion in general. It might be a classic rock drum kit, or it could be electronic percussion instruments or an orchestral rhythm section.


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