Start Improvising Today: 10 Mini-Challenges To Try from Easy Ear Training

Sit in on a jam session or jazz performance. The group seems to know how to play together with little more than a handful of chords jotted down on a lead sheet keeping them together. There is this type of rhythmic harmony, a knowledge of their instruments, being able to read each other’s slightest body movements and signals, that makes the experience enjoyable for listeners and performers. They accomplish this through improvisation.
How can you master the art of improvisation? Like any musical skill, improvisation is not a magical gift. It takes practice and simply the art of doing. The more you improvise, the more confident and accurately you will play. The more confident and accurate, the better you will improvise.
But I’m not going to tell you to just go to your piano and jam. Most folks wouldn’t even know where to start. So instead, I have ten improvisational challenges for you. Believe it or not adding more constraints can actually free you up to build more confident and versatile improvisation skills!
Once you learn how to improvise, you will find that your overall confidence in any performance situation will grow. Improvisational skills give you the ability to create music in seconds, and opens up many more musical opportunities.



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