Are You Brave Enough for the #BoycottTRUMP #FACEBOOK Challenge? Make America NICE Again

Are You Brave Enough for the #BoycottTRUMP #FACEBOOK Challenge?

In a desperate attempt to ‪#‎BoycottTrump‬ and any other political stupidity, I am experimenting with "hiding" articles that are ridiculous, false, and divisive and seeing what happens. 

This does not mean I am ignorant, since I am actively seeking news stories from reputable stories (I AM a media prof after all), but it does mean that I am less likely to be manipulated or get pulled into "discussions" (really arguments and hatemongering) that have their basis in anger and hate, not truth and bettering our society. 

I encourage everyone else to do the same. 


  1. UNFOLLOW any Facebook or social media feeds obsessed with angry political posts 
  2. HIDE 5 Trump related Articles EACH DAY from Facebook and social media feeds
  3. AVOID engaging in controversial discussions
  4. BLOG your well-informed political thoughts instead of shouting on social media
  5. SHARE with the world

I would venture to say that at least 75% of what is on FB today is false, and the media is manipulating us by avoiding real issues like the current war, genocide in the Middle East, the failing economy, issues with education and poverty, etc. so you are doing yourself a service by not falling into the rabbit hole. ‪#‎UnfollowHate‬

Let's show Trump and the Media that we are not SHEEP
And it's time that we start acting like it!



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