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Can't afford the latest software and computer animation classes? Well, here are a few inexpensive options to start dabbling in the world of computer animation. Let's say you want to begin dabbling in computer animation, but do not have the dough to dish out for animation software classes or computer programs like Maya. There are countless animation software options available for little or no cash. Warning, though, computer animation is a vicious beast requiring some patience and a lot of taming. Even easier computer software programs can lead to hours of frustration because of buggy-ness or computer error.

You can check out a variety of free animation software options at HERE. posted by animator Adrien-Luc Sanders.

Bryce is inexpensive and inexpensive animation software program and is excellent for creating landscapes and simplified animation objects. One of the benefits of Bryce is its compatibility with the DAZ Studio software. DAZ is free animation software that you can download. It is a basic program with some control over your characters' movement, facial expressions, etc. You can opt to purchase objects and characters straight off of DAZ for a minimum cost (especially if you join the Platinum Club), but there are many computer animation websites that offer animation freebies that can be used in both DAZ and Bryce (and the competitor, Poser).

Moviestorm provides very simple animation software that can be used for a variety of projects:

Libertaria was created using Moviestorm

Poser is a more complicated and expensive software program that can cost hundreds brand new. You can easily find older versions of the popular software at over fifty percent off at online software resellers.

Here are some websites with affordable computer animation software:

I personally like best, but each has something to offer.

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