Radio Free Midwich Awards Avant Garde Female Composer a Zellaby Award for 2015

Dare to enter the electroacoustic world of Sabrina Pena Young
In a move that is bound to have many individuals scratching their heads and going "electro-what?" Radio Free Midwich selected the nightmarish electroacoustic mayhem of Sabrina Pena Young for this year's "“I’d never heard of you 10 minutes ago but now desperately need your whole back catalogue” New-to-RFM Award". 

Read the full article at Radio Free Midwich:

Says writer Chrissie Caulfield, "Chrissie expresses doubts about the whole process then nails a perfect nomination: I’m not much of a one for end of year retrospectives, forward is my preferred direction. Also I find it hard to compare music and place it in any sort of order. One day a particular piece or artist will be exactly what I need, another day it will have me screaming for the STOP button.  Add to which I haven’t actually reviewed very much this year. Even when I found a (rather large, rich) niche to occupy I still take longer to complete a review than I’d really like.  Still, I hate to disappoint, and I never miss a deadline so…
Sabrina Peña YoungEven while reviewing one album, I couldn’t help mentioning tracks on other albums!
[Editor’s note: an extract from Chrissie’s review of Science Fiction & Horror Movie Soundtrack Collection: Strange Films of Sabrina Peña Young:]
‘Singularity’ is a whole Star Trek episode in miniature. It opens as an almost conventional, if nicely constructed piece of theme music, and gradually becomes something very much more. Going from the journey out, discovery of a possibly inhabited planet, then meeting an alien, trying to escape and the closing theme music again – a novella in seven minutes forty-three seconds! To be honest I’m pretty sure that that isn’t the actual narrative of ‘Singularity’ but I like to make things up as I’m listening and that idea seemed plausible at the time [Editor’s note: it’s the RFM way…]. What it’s really about is the rise of machine intelligence, of course; which is equally scary, possibly."

 You can read Chrissie's amazing sci-fi  take on Sabrina Pena Young's immense catalog of nutty sci-fi inspired horror music craziness here:

Chrissie's music review of Young's music will make any sci-fi and/or electronica fan 
literally drool with glee! Aliens, too.

And speaking of drooling, if you find yourself hungering for a dystopic sci-fi thriller that you literally cannot put down, don't forget to check out Young's phenomenal sci-fi Amazon bestseller Libertaria: Genesis. This great debut novel comes with a complimentary sci-fi soundtrack bound to rock your world and blow your brains into the next millennium. 



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