A Thought About Distortion of Reality and Idealism in the Visual Arts

A Thought About Distortion of Reality and Idealism in the Visual Arts 

Botticelli's Highly Idealized Venus
Artists have been distorting reality through art for millennia. You can see this from the crude ancient fertility sculptures of the Pre-Columbian societies to today's photoshopped models, the works of the Surrealists or even the Impressionists

To an even more extreme extent, body modification and plastic surgery can almost seem to be artistic expression, with the individual that modifies the body using art to express themselves creatively and create a more perfect version of themselves that they find aesthetically pleasing. 
PHOTO: ladybud.com

What is interesting is that there has not been as much of an obsession with other aspects of natural life...for example, sound. We accept the sound of the ocean as it is and do not attempt to improve upon it or change it in most instances. It's chaos is considered beauty, yet a painting of the ocean is often idealized and perfect. 


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