What is So Fascinating About "Innermost Thoughts of the Distorted Psyche'" Experimental #Animation?

Screened at the IAWM International Congress, Zemo Video Library, SEAMUS, and other venues throughout the US. First created by composer Sabrina Pena Young at the Deep Listening Gallery in Kingston, New York, for the Women and Identity Festival. 

The entire animation for this work was created in an older version of Final Cut, using a single image of the composer distorted slowly over time using filters in Final Cut to create flowing animation that many have described as a "moving painting". 

First created around 2004, this piece has remained to be one of Pena Young's electroacoustic masterworks and a unique example of the marriage of electronica and the visual medium. 

Young is the foremost expert on virtual opera production and online collaboration with the debut of her machinima opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Libertaria includes a live international cast and film crew, virtual choirs, sound synthesis, machinima animation, and contemporary choral writing, produced entirely online using crowdsourcing, social networking, and the Internet. Libertaria premiered October 5th, 2013 in Lake Worth, Florida, with additional screenings at the Buffalo Women and Arts Festival, the UK-site Moviestorm, the Holland Animation Film Festival, and other venues. Young is a sought-after lecturer and writer on music technology, social media, online collaboration, marketing, and contemporary music.

With over 15 years of film and music experience, Sabrina Pena Young now offers exclusive music coaching through Music Xray, lectures on technology and the arts, and private arts consulting.

Contact Sabrina Pena Young for your next event: spenayoung@Gmail.com


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