Why the Mainstream Media Does Not Care That #BlackLivesMatter

Media Sweetheart Caitlyn Jenner declared "hero"

Why the Mainstream Media Does Not Care That #BlackLivesMatter

We find ourselves in an interesting quandary in today's media-saturated environment. On one hand we have nearly unlimited access to music, films, TV, news, and more from literally all over the globe. On the other hand, the vast majority of the content that we consume, even from the Internet, is controlled by a handful of media corporations that have very definite agendas that at the least is centered on the bottom line and at the worst exhibits ideological demagoguery by ignoring or simply discounting the reality that many Americans face. 

White faces, white stories, continue to take the forefront in American Media
even while the country is becoming increasingly diverse.

90% of Today's Media is Controlled by a Handful of Corporations

Most of us are well aware of inherent bias in the media, when scandalous celebrities like the Kardashians or the Bieber take precedence in the "news" over important crisis in our cities, overseas, and with our children. For example, you might not know that 2.5 million American children are homeless today, but your news feed has probably been saturated with Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner pics. 
A recent media example that very clearly demonstrated the news media bias against people of color occurred when six black churches burned over a short time period of two weeks but was ignored by the news media. Instead the TV and Internet was splashed with middle class Caucasian couples gushing about equality. Had the same acts of terrorism occurred in a suburb, laws would be enacted within weeks like "Kate's Law", that resulted from a tragic murder of a young woman by an illegal immigrant

Mainstream Media largely ignored these tragic acts of terrorism against the Black Community

Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant

Yet, while the media is now aflame in much-needed discussion and exposure of America's very deep racial wounds from church burnings to abortion atrocities and ethnic cleansing and even Bill Cosby, there are additional acts of violence being committed each day against women, children, and immigrants that do not make the news at all because media conglomerates base what they tell Americans on ratings and not on truth, regardless of the news source.

Women Accusing Bill Cosby Grace a Magazine Cover

Undocumented Children Housed in Atrocious Conditions Remain Invisible

Regardless of politics, Americans need to take action and ensure that ALL American stories are heard, regardless of ethnicity, race, or gender.


Tell your Story! 

You need to get your story out there. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, what language you speak, you need to tell your story. Chances are, that your story is not being told and that you are not represented by the news media unless you happen to be wealthy, glamorous, and incredibly attractive by 1950s Barbie standards.

Boycott Stupid People

I am serious. We have to stop clicking on these pointless stories about bad celebrities and rich people that have nothing better to do with their lives than spend more ridiculous money and boast about it on TV. Who cares if Miley is naked again or another football player ends up in jail? Who cares if a celeb decides to turn themselves blue like a Smurf to make some point to get attention since they have no talent? 

With all that is happening at this very moment, 
we need to spend our energy on less mind-numbing stupidity.

SO please #BoycottStupidPeople

Love Your Neighbor

What does love got to do with it? Simple, if we can love our neighbor, whoever they are, whatever they look like or believe, then we can get to know them, and help them. We have to help each other Americans; politicians, celebs, authority figures, the government --- they are not going to do anything to help you. They haven't so far.

So when you see that someone is being harassed, stop the abuse. If you need help, then get help before you hurt someone you love or hate. Build up your community. And turn the TV off! The Internet, while also managed by the media, is also a home for so many independent voices that are getting the word out there that things need to change, and now. Be careful what you read and fact check everything.

The media will not change unless 
we make our own media.
This is YOUR Call to Action. Now!


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