Top 30: You Know You are an Electronic Musician If...

You know your are an electronic musician if...

1. You know the type of sound wave for every police siren that you hear

2. You know what MIDI, IDM, ICMA, and DAW stand for

3. MAX is not a name

4. When you think of Supercollider, you think about pages upon pages of computer code

5. You know the frequency of your refrigerator hum

6. You are constantly messing with the dials on your car radio to optimize EQ

7. You hear a melody in wind chimes and immediately try to sample it

8. You have ever purposely listened to noise static for long periods of time

9. Your studio equipment costs more than your car

10. You know the BPM of your car blinker

11. You have a definite opinion: Sibelius vs. Finale

12. In the MAC vs. PC debate, your answer is Logical

13. The only Tools you use are PRO

14. You have ever used the pick-up line, "Wanna check out my studio?"

15. A fun Friday night is six hours uninterrupted in the studio

16. You subconsciously judge every live performance that you hear for its lack of sonic quality

17. If the power goes out during a concert, you are S.O.L.

18. Your date has ever listened to your music and scratched their head in confusion

19. Your parents say your music hurts their ears

20. Any instrument that you play has to be plugged in

21. Your violin looks straight out of Tron

22. You have ever played in a laptop orchestra

23. You have more cables than songs in your live set

24. Your fans have never met you in person

25. You spend more time with headphones on than sleeping in your bed

26. Your "instrument" has crashed on you

27. You know what a MIDI fart is

28. You lost brain cells by accidently blowing out your ears with a 
feedback loop

29. You had a concert end when someone tripped on an electrical cord

30. You know what square, triangle, and sawtooth have in common


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