Boycott Stupid People: Rant about Kardashians, Reality Show Stars, and Idiot Politicians


I don't know about you, but I personally am sick and tired of hearing stories about Kardashians, Bieber, reality show villains, stupid politicians, and stupid people in general. Really? With all the war, poverty, economic collapse, and overall bad things happening in the world right now, bad things that are making ordinary folks absolutely incredible heroes, we need to focus on stupid people?

Here are a few examples of what constitutes a Stupid Person (the famous kind):
  • Celebrities with zero talent. (And no, a tape of a bedroom romp is something for National Geographic or National Enquirer, not something worth our eyeballs.)
  • Reality show stars that we elevate to god-like status. 
  • Rich men and women that get away with murder because they are rich. Oh, and that category includes the wealthy politicians and bank execs that are running many countries into the ground. 
  • Violent Athletes that are penalized more for dogfighting than for beating the snot out of women. 
Well, what can we do? It's actually simple:


It's simple. 

Don't click on a headline just because it has a juicy bit of stupid celebrity gossip. 

Don't buy a product just because an ad shows stupid people using it.

Don't vote for someone just because they have the most money (ok, that train's left the station in the States at least, All Hail his/her Eminence Clinton or Bush again for 2016). 


If millions of us stopped wasting time on these folks and instead focused on integrity, honor, doing what is right, then at the grassroots we could transform society, even when we are stuck with bobbleheads as leaders. 

As long as we give these folks our time and money and votes, 
we are doomed. No really, we are.

So if you are tired of the same old, please pass this on. 


And thanks for helping the world be a little less stupid!
Award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young hopes that she is slightly less stupid than the average reality show celeb. Young is an obsessive Star Wars fan, a lover of anything Italian or Cuban, and is the director of the decidedly soon to be cult classic sci-fi apocalyptic animated musical Libertaria. 


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