Beautiful Relaxing Ambient Space Music - MORGANA - Sabrina Pena Young

Cinematic soundscapes, pulsating rhythms, and enigmatic vocals envelop the listener in entangling science fiction textures and robotic mayhem. Be prepared for an otherworldly sound experience.

"Marvously abstract" - Canadian Electroacoustic Community describes the disturbing music video "Innermost Thoughts of the Distorted Psyche'."

"...dismembered news clips, poetic recitations, or other found nonmusical sounds...robotified babbles - like Radiohead thing kinda..." - Classical Voice of North Carolina

Into strange bizarre electronic music that no self-respecting Celine Dion or Neil Diamond fan would listen to? Then look no further...

International sound artist Sabrina Peña Young's music has been heard throughout Australia, North America, Asia, Europe, Central America, and the Net in music festivals, radio, film, dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Most recently her music was premiered at the Beijing Conservatory, China, Illinois' Milliken University, and at several venues in New York City as part of Vox Novus.

Obsessed with science fiction and technology, Young uses her voice, sound synthesis, percussion chops, and twisted sense of memory, to create bizarre sonic landscapes that entangle the listener in a nightmarish otherworld of experimental electronica.

Origins is Young's debut solo album, with electronic music spanning several years. Enjoy the evolution of electronica. Pleasant dreams.


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