The Village Opera NEEDS YOU! VOTE TODAY! Save the VILLAGE! Video Game Opera

The Village Opera NEEDS YOU TODAY! Vote for the leader that will save the village from evil lurking Underground.

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Libretto  Lee Scott

Visual Design  Lee Scott & Ben Jeffs

Animation  Lee Scott

Character illustration  Bao Anh Le

Web Development  Lee Scott


Hecaceres - Sam Sturtivant

Soter - Phil Zammit

Harill - Lee Scott

Aletheia - Lee Scott

Roso - Sabrina Pena Young

Snout - Weiwei Jin

Harmony - Lee Scott & Adreambeam


Narration- Serena Dunlop

Hecaceres- Catrin Young

Soter - Dave Gunner

Harill - Keith Anthony

Aletheia - Emmy Willow

Roso - Jim Lavender

Snout - Chloe Gardiner

Harmony - Adreambeam

Additional - Serena Dunlop

Vocal lines by Lee Scott

With very special thanks to Andrew Hugill, Joseph Hyde, Katharine Reeve, Mimi Thebo, Kate Pullinger, Hongji Yang, The Scott Family, Nare Gabrielyan, Ruxandra Bularca, Phil Zammit, Sam Sturtivant, Dom Ward, Joel Weston, Bath Spa University & countless other supporters.


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