Success in Music During the Digital Age

Success in Music During the Digital Age

How can a musician achieve success during the Digital Age? Can we all be the next Lady Gaga or Bieber? What does it take to make it in the 21 century? 

In the last several years, you might have noticed that some big name "oldies" bands have hit the road again. Why? Because they can make more money on concert tickets and music merch. Some bands need this to survive (or to at least keep up with their mega mansions and lifestyles), but I think that the majority of musicians that are going to make it today will have to be content with less lavish lifestyles and fame. Sure, we will always have the Lady Gaga and the Bieber making their way through the music scene, but there will be thousands of other musicians balancing a "day job" with their love of music.

I think that part of the digital revolution is the new definition of "success". Does a successful musician have to have a limo, three mansions, and a dozen or so hot roadies as part of a glamorous entourage? Does "success" mean going platinum or does it mean hitting two million hits on Youtube? Is success a successful touring life with minimal financial rewards? What is success? And furthermore, as the antiquated music industry desperately gasps its last breaths, how important will virtual success, indie success, personal success, professional success, etc. be compared to monetary success and fame?

I think that it is a great time to be a musician. Sure, I won't land that famed "record deal" that will get me millions, but I have the opportunities to share music with the world without having to change who I am. I can reach the listeners that I want to, when I want to. I can dedicate as much or as little of my time to my music, as life and time allows, and not worry about losing out because I can't sacrifice everything for a record exec. To be successful today means being able to make music freely and share it with listeners throughout the world. Sure, the limo would be nice, but maybe I will just walk for now.


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