Be the Walking Dead: 10 Zombie Halloween Makeup Tips

Be the Walking Dead: 10 Zombie Halloween Makeup Tips 

Be one of the Walking Dead this Halloween with these incredible makeup tips from the undead

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #1: Dressing like a zombie
Zombies have been undead for quite some time and typically wear vintage clothing. Imitate a Halloween zombie makeup look by buying your zombie clothing at the thrift shop or ripping a few holes through some of your unwanted clothing.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #2: Halloween zombie hair
Walking Dead Zombies usually don't have access to showers and rarely wash their hair. You can opt for a true Halloween zombie ripe look by not showering for a week or simply add dirt to your hair. Tousle it convincingly. If you have long zombie locks, you can wear it up, then shake your head several times to get it to hang loose.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #3: Halloween zombie nails
Some zombies recommend that you imitate their unkempt look to the last detail, including their zombie nails. Purposely add dirt and grime under your nails and slab dirt all over your body for an authentic 
Walking Dead Halloween zombie makeup look.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #4: Halloween zombie skin
Very few zombies maintain that fresh-from-the-coffin look. Use a simple base to paint your skin yellowish-green, or even bluish. Don't forget to get areas like your neck, shoulders, hands, and any other area that may show.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #5: The Halloween zombie smile
Very, very few zombies go to the dentist. Black out your teeth or yellow them with Halloween makeup bought at your local Halloween shop, or purchase fake teeth. Most Halloween shops today have incredible latex add-ons that you can wear to really imitate the 
Walking Dead.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #6: Halloween zombie makeup details
Add in wrinkles, dark eyebrows, bumps and bruises, and scars throughout your face, arms, and neck to further emphasize your overall undeadness.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #7: How to accessorize like a zombie
While few zombies have had the luxury of shopping at high-end stores like Neiman Marcus or Sax, most zombies do try to accessorize. First you need to figure out the day you died. Then you can add jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, and hats that correspond with that time period. Buy these at the local thrift shop or an online store like e-bay.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #8: The bride zombie
Unfortunately, there always seems to be at least one bride zombie running around during Halloween. Find an old white dress, tatter and dirty it, and top it off with a yellowed veil and a bouquet of dead flowers. It helps if cart your zombie husband behind you on a chain, or at least his severed arm.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #9: Walking like a zombie
Remember that many zombies have spent a large part of their undead un-lives underground. Be sure to drag your leg behind you, walk slightly slouched, and overemphasize even the slightest physical movement.

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tip #10: Missing limbs
Some zombies have been underground so long that their limbs have rotted away or have been devoured by a wild animal. You can imitate this grotesque side effect of being a 
Walking Dead zombie by purchasing false limbs from the local Halloween costume shop. Wear long sleeves and hide your real arm. In your other hand hold the fake limb. Be sure 
your false limb is covered in fake blood.


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