Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival Needs Your Help to Fund New Season

Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival Funds New Season at GOFUNDME

Originally from the Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival GoFundMe page:

The Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival is an exceptional venue of classical music talent in the South Florida area. I recently received a letter from the PBCMF indicating that they needed supporter help to host next season. This is a cultural treasure that has an incredible group of talented musicians, a few of which I have worked with in the past. Please take a moment to GIVE to this great cultural institution and to SHARE this on Twitter and social media. I typically do not have fundraising posts on NMR, but I think this is truly a great opportunity to support the arts. Thank you for your dedication to the arts and for being an avid reader of the New Music Resource. - Sabrina Peña Young, Composer and Editor of the NMR.

The Palm Beach Chamber Music Festival is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Palm Beach County, presenting concerts in Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens during the month of July for the past 23 years.  

Our mission is to serve all the communities in our county through chamber music concerts that delight and enlighten our audiences.  In 2013, PBCMF debuted a new fall series and is currently in a fundraising campaign for the 2nd Annual Fall Festival, a monthly series in Boca Raton, Lake Worth and Tequesta during September, October and November.  

As more and more performing arts organizations in South Florida wait until January to start their seasons, our fall concerts play an important role in the cultural landscape of our community.  Please consider making a donation to our Fall Festival now! 

Award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young writes mind-numbing electroacoustic music and soundtracks heard throughout the world. Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is her latest work, an exciting animated sci-fi opera about a teen rebel Libertaria who escapes from the GenTech Factory and teams up with her addict father to lead a cyborg army. Young is a sought after composer and speaker on music technology and electroacoustic composition, and a big Sci-Fi Nerd. 


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